Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Loving the Simple Life

For the last few years or so we have been learning to live the simple life and loving it.

Today I have been reflecting on this.

Things we have learn't about living the simple life.

Making time for family is so important, in this house we are all very busy most of the time with various things, but sometimes you just have to push everything aside, quality time together is so important in your well being. Our little family are very close-knit.

Decluttering can lead to a less cluttered mind, you must have heard the saying tidy house tidy mind. We will never be minimalists, we do have possessions, but decluttering is something which is done regularly here. Letting go of possessions can prove very difficult for some people, if this is the case just challenge yourself to getting rid of a certain amount of things every month, the clutter will soon disappear. 
Ask yourself this - isn't it better to have a dozen good books on your bookshelf which you regularly read rather than buying everything and anything you fancy and never getting around to reading them? It's the same principle with cd's, dvd's, clothes etc etc. Buy a dvd watch it then get rid, then you won't end up with cluttered cupboards and shelves.

Shopping isn't therapy it can be an addiction this applies to all forms of shopping from clothes shopping to food shopping.

In the last few months I have changed the way I shop, yes I do love to buy food at a reduced price, who doesn't, but my cupboards are beginning to look much better, I don't need or want cupboards filled to the rafters anymore.

Something I have always done - cooked from scratch, obviously this is much better for your health, take a look at ready meals, tins etc there is a lot of C**P in them, I am not a saint I do buy shop bought things sometimes, but it reflects on how I feel, if you eat C**P you feel like C**P, good wholesome food is what we want, I would really like to start buying less and buying better. 

Self sufficiency realistically this is not going to happen for us, it is not something we really thought about in previous years, but now we are getting a bit older we want to slow down a bit and not take on so much/more work, I am going to grow crops in pots, hopefully we be eating our own eggs in the future so that's better than nothing, at least we can enjoy knowing it has not been covered in chemicals.

We have learn't to make to and mend and religiously work hard to recycle, reuse and reduce waste, it's good for our pockets but more important it helps the planet.

It is tempting to fill every minute of the day with productivity, but it is so important to take time out, just going for a walk or spending time outside and appreciating the beautiful world around us is so very important, it's good for the body and for the soul.

We gave up keeping with the joneses a long time ago, we are who we are.

Simple Living for us is the act of living with intent. It means embracing a slower pace of life, and makes you slow down and think about the direction your life is going in or perhaps which direction you would like it to go in. It means taking time to breath and enjoy the moments instead of rushing around. Enjoying the small things lead to a much happier and healthier life. Once you start to embrace Simple Living you are in control, everyday life is more manageable.

Simple Living is an ongoing process.

Simple Living makes you appreciate things more, especially everyday things which we are all guilty of taking for granted like a warm home, and good food etc

Simple Living makes you less dependent on things you own, you can find joy in things that don't cost money.

Simple Living brings contentment and peace into your lives.

Simple Living is a personal journey, what might suit some will not suit others, but we can all apply aspects of it into our lives one way or another.