Friday, 23 March 2018

Itchy Green Fingers

I have been itching to get out and make a start in the greenhouse, I am just going to do a bit maybe every other day.

Everything is going to be grown in pots or grow bags, it's all trial and error really, but hopefully we will get some good results.

Today I planted the garlic, I split the bulbs into the cloves and some had already started spouting.

I mixed shop bought compost with some of our own home made compost.

Then I sowed some cress seeds and a couple of small trays of micro greens. These are now in the kitchen. 

Micro greens are packed with nutrients, I grow tray after tray of these each year so I always have some.

That's all I did in the greenhouse today,  I got a little distracted by these two bundles of cute fluffiness.

This week they have started wandering around the garden, they absolutely love it.

Here's a little video, please excuse all the background noise (radio in shed), all my videos are unedited, you will see the other little chicks they are doing really well, they go in the top section of the outside housing in the day and back in the warm shed at night.