Friday, 2 March 2018

Busy start to the day

This morning I was up bright and early and set to work in the kitchen, I used one bag of the cabbage and leek which I bought yesterday, and chopped it up a bit finer and added a few other veg and made two big tubs of chunky veg soup.

Next was the plums and cherries, I added a few apples and made them into a crumble.

I made a oaty crumble topping, I used some of the butter I made yesterday for that.

So tomorrow it will be soup and crumble.

 I used up the buttermilk from yesterday and made scones, also using some of the homemade butter, I put these on a tray uncooked and open froze then bagged up and back into the freezer.

I made those few things all before 9 am knowing I might not be well after my trip to the hospital, and I did come home feeling ill, later in the afternoon I melted down the old candle ends, I bought this really old double boiler pan at the car boot for £1.
It doesn't take long and candle wicks don't cost much to buy.

Worth doing.

Jack is cooking tea tonight so I can put my feet up, hopefully I will feel a bit better tomorrow.