Thursday, 8 March 2018

A lazy day

I am not a lazy person, always on the go, always something to do. But just once in a while I have a lazy day, we all need/should do this to recharge the batteries. 

I had tea and toast and marmalade in bed and watched a few YouTube videos Bealtaine Cottage and Meanqueen (Ilona). Then I had a look on the computer, I was just washing and dressed in time for the morning coffee which my husband made.

Then I don't really know what I did, well I suppose I do really I spent quite a bit of time fussing over these little ones.

6 new arrivals, 2 eggs left in this batch which look like they might be alright.

We went out before for lunch today, this was an early Mothers Day treat, we thought it would be quieter than on Sunday. 

A lovely carvery and I was able to get a free glass of wine.

After that it was a stroll around the garden centre, back home and out for a walk.
Now I am putting my feet up and seeing what we can find to watch on Netflix.
I have enjoyed my lazy day. Back to the grindstone tomorrow.