Sunday, 4 February 2018

Quiet Weekend

The weekend has been quiet for me I have actually chilled out a bit for a change, I have done a bit of reading and watched a bit of the wartime farm dvd. 

Cooking wise just simple food.

Yesterday I used the leftover roast chicken and gravy from Thursday night.

Not a lot but enough . 
I put it the little mason cash pie dishes, covered with the leftover gravy and used the last of the sweetcorn from the freezer.

Topped with mash and served with frozen peas.

The little mason cash pie dishes are excellent for portion control as well.

Whilst I was boiling the potatoes for the mash, to save on electric on Monday I did some extra mash and vegetables, which I shall be using to make my first wartime recipe, which needs cooked mash and cooked veg. I weighed everything out, it doesn't look much but it has other ingredients. I shall post about what I make on Monday.

Today I am just doing some hotdogs for tea, continuing to use what we already have in.

I have been out and had a tidy up in the greenhouse. (That is tidy compared to what it was like before).

All the wild bird food and also the avairy bird food is stored in there in various tubs and buckets, on the shelf and some under the benches, and there will be chicken food in there before very long, but I still have space on the benches to do some seeds if I want to.

I have just looked through the tin of seeds and I have lots in there so it would be a shame not to use them, I wasn't going to bother because of the yellow stickered items I can get, but I still want to grow a few things. At least they will be organic.
The only way of growing anything now as the aviary is on the space where I previously used as a growing area is to grow in pots, and have a little "Patio Produce" area, does anyone else grow veg, salad etc solely in pots and planters? Would be interested to hear what has done well for you.

I am going to continue with some more of the wartime farm dvd now.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.