Saturday, 17 February 2018

Baby Bourke's

Welcome to a new follower Jan.

We have four Bourke's in our aviary. 

They are known as Bourke's Parrots or Bourke's Parakeet's.

They are around the size of a Budgie. They are lovely characters, and extremely tolerant, a bird that won't cause you any problems, they are hardy birds and can survive winters provided they have access to a shelter at night.  They are classed as a quiet bird, although like all birds they talk/sing, they soon learn to trust you. We go in and out of the aviary and they just sit there, I go right up to their face and talk to them and they don't flinch, our male "Jim" is a real friendly character, it wasn't long after we had him that he responded to "Pretty Boy" now he gets excited to see us and often shouts "Pretty Boy" at us.

We bought a couple of youngsters Fred & Wilma, but these have turned out to be both hens.

Rosie on the left and Jim on the right.

We didn't want to let any of our birds breed in the Winter, but the Doves and the Bourke's where determined, so we had to put up a nest box for them. Rosie and Jim hatched out four chicks, one didn't make it though. Jim goes back in the roosting box at night and leaves Rosie to mind the chicks, but one very cold frosty night about a 10 days ago we noticed she abandoned them and went into the roosting box, so we ended up having to bring the nest box in overnight, and she does this all the time now, we think possibly she stopped going in as room was tight, so next time we are going to give them a bigger box or though the box we had was the right dimensions. So we put the box back out in the mornings and they get regularly fed throughout the day and bought indoors at night. We won't have to do this for much longer now as they will soon be ready to come out the nest and then they can stay in the roosting box for a while until they are big enough to venture outside.

Anyway to the little chicks......

As they parents don't clean out the nest boxes, my husband decided to clean it out for them last night, so I looked after them when he did this.

The first three pictures here are the first night we had to bring them in and they were hungry so we had to take them out of the nest box and try and feed them, we were up several times in the night.

My husband feeding them.

This was them last night, all doing very well.

The one on the left is going to be a rainbow of colours and the one on the right looks  like Jim.

This is the youngest one.

They really are beautiful birds.

We now have more quail chicks hatching, we have two incubators on the go. Charlie and Chuck the Silkie chicks are doing very well, so its a busy time for us, babies everywhere.