Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Sue mentioned on one of my recent posts about if I picked up till receipts.

Well the answer to this is yes.

Do you remember the children's books and tv series the Wombles?  They lived in the burrows on Wimbledon Common in London. There aim was to help the environment by collecting and recycling rubbish.

Today the term "Wombling" works on the basis that one person's trash can be turned into another persons treasure. It's simply about picking up discarded receipts and collecting loyalty points or price promise guarantees.

Walking around supermarket car parks, there are receipts just left in the trolleys or just on the ground, many people wouldn't dream of picking them up, but me well if they don't want them then thankyou I will. I have done it up Asda, you enter the barcode on the bottom of the receipt, the receipt has to have 8 or more items, if the shop didn't work out 10% cheaper than the competitors you get a voucher for the difference, you just print it out and attach to the till receipt and take to the store and use it to get money off of your next shop.

I have never thought about doing it with Morrison's (thanks Sue).
Morrison's have a More card where you earn points for shopping which you get paid in vouchers when you reach the payment threshold, but you if you find a receipt which hasn't used a "More" card you can take it in the store with your "More" card and ask them to add the points to your card.  From what I have read about this you can only add two receipts every two weeks.

I don't shop at Sainsbury's  or Tesco often, but I think you could do the same there.

But in my opinion the Asda Price Guarantee is the best.

The most I have earn't from picking up one from Asda is just under £5, but that doesn't happen often. You can print out 10 vouchers a month, but if you have multiple emails then you should be able to print out more.

I have no shame I am happy to do it.

One thing for sure its a good way of making/saving money which is what it's all about.

So have you ever wombled? Go on be honest.