Tuesday, 2 January 2018

A Good Start to the New Year

The Christmas decorations and tree were taken down yesterday, once the New Year is here I like it out of the way, when our son was small it would have stayed up longer.

So yesterday I mentioned this year we will focus on making a bit more and spending less. I am not going into detail on the making money side of things other than to say we buy and sell on a few selling platforms, all legit and above board, this takes up much of our week. We have had a good start, we sold 5 items on the 1st day of the month.

On the less spending side, we will continue to be as frugal and thrifty as we can be, continuing to seek out the best deals and value for money. I will continue to look for freebies and use coupons, and get anything we can make good use of from Freecycle, we have made a few pick ups already, we had a cupboard for the spare room and my husband was delighted to pick a a bag of light bulbs and transformers and such, this is for the aviary and quail housing, the quails are in the shed, but they have a light at night as do the aviary birds so they don't get night fright, the birds outside are all shut in the roosting box when its dark, but without a night light, if they heard a noise or say sensed predator which can happen they could flap about and end up injured, so the lights are a must and they also give out a bit of heat. So the ones we picked up from Freecycle are more energy efficient than what we were using so its all good,.

The challenging new year ahead doesn't mean to say we will or do live a grim existence, we are perfectly happy, we don't spend much on entertainment other than Netflix and an odd trip to the cinema, which most of the time has been free, or we use the 2 for 1 tickets, which we have with our car insurance deal. We will try and have a proper day out at least once a month, for our own sanity, all work and no play isn't good for anyone. Having a day out doesn't always mean spending vast amounts of money, it will be 50/50 half paid and free days out, there are plenty of free things to do, like walks, museums, galleries, cathedrals etc

The cupboards are well stocked and the two freezers are both full, and I have plenty of fruit and vegetables,so we have a good start.

There will be no need to buy any everyday toiletries this year like soap, shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner etc as I have a cupboard full from previous good deals/bargains.

I will be keeping all receipts and recording all spends.

Yesterday I needed to buy some make up remover wipes and a lettuce. The wipes I buy are 65p at Asda but there was a 3 for 2 offer. So this made them just over 43p a pack, much better than paying 65p a pack, each pack contains 25 wipes, but I tear them in half getting 50 wipes from a pack, I like to get my moneys worth. I did spot a huge trolley of reduced christmas cakes & treats, I just bought two boxes of mince pies, 22p a pack, this works out at just over 3.5 pence a mince pie, so will make a frugal bite to eat with the morning coffee.

Tea last night was a very simple affair, I had cooked up a small piece of  pork on Saturday which was reduced to £2.03, and there was enough of it left for last night. So I just did cold pork, beans, fried egg, tomatoes and some toast. 

So the pork was reduced, and I still had some reduced eggs and tomatoes left so that was another inexpensive meal.

We were out of bread so instead of going and buying a loaf a loaf today,  I pulled one of the Approved Foods bread mixes out of the cupboard and made some slow cooker bread.

It is only the two of us for tea until the end of the week, tonight we will be having a small salmon fillet each, with boiled potatoes, carrots and broccoli, but as I have two packs of the salmon I am going to cook the extra pack and extra veg at the same time to save on electric, then tomorrows meal will just need re-heating in the microwave. Saving money is what's it all about. 

Salmon reduced to £1 a pack was nearly £5 a pack before.

I spotted some freebies today on CheckoutSmart

We each have an account so we can get 3 of everything for free.

The porridge - £2.45 x 3 = £7.35
Stock Pots - £1.80 x 3 = £5.40

Total £12.75 worth of porridge and stock for absolutely nothing.

I just love free.