Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Stock Take Part One

Welcome to my two new followers Alwin & Fiona.

I made a start on the stock take today but didn't do that much as we ended up using our 2 for 1 cinema tickets and went to see Darkest Hour about Sir Winston Churchill this afternoon to relax and have a break from work. 

When I started emptying the shelves I gave it all a wipe down at the same time.
I have been making notes on what I have.

Plenty of cereal and porridge.

Lots of teas, and I also have some in the canisters.

Some homemade jams and marmalade.

Pasta and rice.

What a lot of beans.
Most of these were free last week as myself and husband did the catering for our son and students and actors on location, and being the cook I came home with a few freebies.

Other tins and jars.

Bought in the sale after Christmas.

I will continue the stock take tomorrow and I also have the freezers to do, so that will keep me busy for a few hours in the morning.