Friday, 5 January 2018

Frugal vs Time & Money

Welcome to my new follower Donna.

Why are people frugal?

People are frugal so they can live within their means, many are on a limited or fixed income and being "frugal" and "thrifty" helps them to stay afloat with the bills and expenses of every day living, and also cutting back on certain areas can allow a little extra for hobbies, little luxuries , holidays etc.

have always thought of myself as being very resourceful, frugal & thrifty.

But if you have a major purchase or a goal, if you are on a low/fixed income the only thing to do is try and earn a bit more money.

I have to start managing my time better. 

Time is money. 

There are some things it's just not worth the bother with anymore, I am better off putting my time and effort into "making a little extra".

So when the cupboard in the spare room is full of things waiting to be sold, I need to be getting on with that rather than spending time for example baking bread, like I did yesterday.

It was very nice though, but I could just walk a few minutes up the road and pick up a reduced loaf for 20/30p, you see where I'm coming from don't you. I shall use the rest of the bread flour first then continue to buy it cheaply.

Another thing I have done on and off over the years is make cards and gift tags, well we don't actually send that many cards and I have made plenty to keep us going for a while and the last odd few card making items have already gone to the charity shop, and I can purchase nice cards from the car boot for very little.

Jams and preserves are another example, unless I am given free fruit, it's just not worth it.

The list just goes on and on.

Just because I am stopping certain things this doesn't mean I will jump of the frugal bandwagon, I am just stating that some things don't work for me at the moment as my energy is put to better use earning.

We will continue to be frugal with the outgoings, monitoring gas, electric, water usage, grocery spends etc and keeping the bills as low as they can be. 

Very little has been spent the last few days only some milk and a few reduced items.

Last nights tea, was some cheap sausages from the freezer and some cheap veggies, and it made a lovely slow cooker supper.

Some pigs in blankets for 30p a pack for another frugal supper.

A little couponing has been done.

Free peaches.

Whilst buying the milk a few other bargain items were purchased.

Greek yogurt for 20p and 6 pots of rice for 40p

Very interested to hear your thoughts and ideas on frugal vs time & money.