Sunday, 14 January 2018

Every Little Helps

Welcome to four new followers P. and Laura, and Gill and Diane.

Today I decided I would pop up the supermarket to see if I could find some yellow sticker veg, I was very disappointed, not one single reduction, in fact the veg department was looking rather bare, perhaps they are not ordering so much in now.

While I was there I had a good look around to see if there were any more yellow stickers to be had. Not much today, but this is what I got.

Cheese and onion slices and steak pies 48p.

Doughnuts 25p, Bakewell tarts 21p, pork pies 20p.

These are what I call treat foods, so doesn't hurt once in a while.

Garlic bread slices 46p
6 rolls for 8p
2 cheese sticks for 12p each

Goats Milk 8p - I have never tried it, it says just use as normal milk, so for 8p I am willing to try it. 
Cottage Cheese with pineapple 13p 

Pastry 45p

Black pudding, 5p and 6p

Sausages for 99p

Better than nothing, as the saying goes every little helps.