Monday, 22 January 2018


Welcome to my new followers Louise and Philip.

On the 27th - 29th January the rspb are doing the Big Garden Birdwatch.

You simply watch the birds in your garden for an hour and record how many and what you see.

I requested a pack through the post, it may not be too late to order one if you do it today. Or you can record your results online.

The rspb do this every year, its a way a seeing which birds are thriving and which aren't doing so well.

I shall record my results here at the weekend.

The visitors we have had the last few days...


Male and female Blackirds.



Pied Wagtail

Collared Doves

I was so excited to see a Long  Tailed Tit, they usually hang out in small flocks, so this one must have got separated.

Blue Tit

We have also had Pigeons and Great Tits, and the Greenfinch have just started to visit.

The aviary birds........

Our aviary birds decided they would start nesting, unless you have an indoor aviary or breeding room, many people don't/won't let them breed over winter, but ours were all determined they wanted babies, apart from our quails we have two pairs of Bourke's and a pair of Diamond Doves in the aviary now. They were dropping eggs and trying to build nests in silly places so we ended up putting the nest boxes for the Bourke's and a tray/pan for the Diamond Dove's, but that had to be put in the roosting box as it is too cold for the Dove's to nest outside.

Doreen the Dove, enjoying a bit of Winter sun and a break, whist Derek the Dove keeps the eggs warm. 

Jim the Bourke guarding Rosie in her nest box. She has 5 eggs and my husband checked and thinks four are fertile.

He gets so excited when he sees me, he stands tall and says pretty boy.
I love Bourke's so much they are so a lovely nature, as are the Dove's that's why we chose them.

Wilma having a break from the nest box.

Wilma's partner Fred.

I love them all they are such characters.