Wednesday, 10 January 2018

All Go

Welcome to a new follower Eileen.

We have been very busy again today, I have been busy sorting and putting more items up for sale this morning, we now have over 220 items for sale. 

We have also made a contact, someone from a bird club came and bought 20 of our Quail this morning and is looking to buy large quantities regularly and we have another buyer coming at the weekend, so it is really going very well, we might get a few new Quail so we can get more eggs and we are currently looking at more housing. My husband has been working/cleaning out and taking care of their needs all morning. 

I haven't spent much on shopping this week apart from the basics I just bought some bargain cheese. Asda where selling off the Christmas Cheese the 400g blocks where £1 each, and the box of 3 cheeses was 75p. I did see the next day the last few blocks they were selling for 50p, never mind, I was still happy with the £1. 

So it was cheese and crackers for lunch today.

I love pretty and vintage china, but I have decided rather than have a cupboard full of it, I shall sell some of it, better to have money in our pockets than sat on the shelf I think. Money making is the name of the game, But I am not parting with it all, I shall keep just a few pieces.

I never pay much for it. This is my latest purchase for 50p Royal Albert Country Roses.

Tonight's tea was totally free, we had a Domino's pizza each, this was a freebie from our phone company "Three" they have a rewards app called Wantu and ever Wednesday there are new offers, prize draws and sometimes freebies. Last year we had lots of free trips to the cinema, several free pizzas and chocolates from Hotel Chocolat.

Nothing tastes nicer than a freebie!