Friday, 29 December 2017

Today's Thrifty Bits

Christmas is over, it's just another thrifty day.

Porridge made with bargain blueberries.

There is only the two of us at home for the next week, so enough turkey left and some cheap veggies have been put in the slow cooker to make a stew, I even added some 10p sprouts, dumplings will be added later, that's tonight and tomorrow's tea sorted.

The outer leaves of the sprouts will not be composted but will be fed to the quail, they love a treat of some greens. We now have 50 quail at various ages, and 24 more due to hatch over the next week and and still lots more eggs waiting to go into the incubator. We have a few people coming over the next few days to buy some. We only sell them once they are six weeks old. Once we have sold the first 50 this will give us our investment of the incubator and housing back, and then its all profit, they don't cost much to keep, just a bit of bedding and the quail food costs very little. 

Our little hobby is turning into a good little earner.

Indoor Hyacinth's starting to make a show

I don't get tempted to buy them ready potted from the supermarkets and garden centres for whatever silly price they sell them for - me I buy a pack of 99p bulbs and use some home made compost.

Washing carefully sorted to see what can be put on a short cycle, today is icy cold but there is a good breeze, even if I can only get it half dry outside it's better than using the tumble dryer,  It will finish off drying on the clothes horse later.

I have just started to sort out some books, cd's, dvd's to sell online. 

The start of a simple cleaning spray, all you need is orange or lemon peel & white vinegar.

Simply put your peel in an old jar, cover with white vinegar, keep added more peel as you get some, top up with vinegar, leave for a few weeks then remove peel and decant into an old spray bottle, and dilute 50/50 with water if you wish.

A cheap citrus cleaner.

I even made a start on recycling the Christmas cards, I made some gift tags for next year and even a bookmark.

That's all for now, time to make the dumplings for that stew as it will soon be tea time.