Friday, 1 December 2017

My new camera

A few weeks ago I decided to sell my Nikon D90 camera, I just wasn't comfortable with the weight of it hanging around my neck anymore. Unfortunately it went wrong just before we were going to sell it, so we didn't spend money on repairing it. We sold the two lenses separately and the body of the camera as not working. All three pieces sold and gave me enough money to buy a new camera.

So the camera I went for was the Nikon Coolpix A900.

A must for me was that it had to take decent pictures of my feathered friends, and it does.

 The following three pictures were in a tree in next doors garden, so the zoom was very good.

Some random photos....

I am really very pleased with it, it does the job very well.

A quick update on the baby chinese painted quail.

The first lot of eggs gave us 21 chicks.

They are growing very quickly now, they have been moved from the nursery area, and now in a bigger space a huge fish tank has been converted and has heat lamps in, they will gradually be acclimatised before going into some outdoor housing.

Today the next lot of chicks have started to hatch.

Simple adorable, I just couldn't resist a little hold.

The quails are laying non stop so the incubator was a good investment, there are constantly going to be quail here at all stages. This means we will be selling them regularly and this pays for all our food for all the avairy birds, and it won't be long before we can start making money from them.

Its nice when a hobby/interest gives rewards.