Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Didn't I do well

Hello dear readers, I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas.

We have had a lovely few days. Christmas Eve afternoon we enjoyed playing some board games.

In the evening we watched a film.

Christmas day was wonderful, we all received lovely gifts and far to much food was eaten.

My gifts...

The electric toothbrush will come in handy as I have all these to scoff.

This Robin for the garden is made from recycled materials.

Some more crystal for my collection.

Some more hanging ones.

A lovely notebook and a lovely book.

I just love Nigel Slater.

And Nigella.

Yesterday I had to pop up to the pharmacy at Morrison's, and off course I couldn't resist a quick look around the store to see if there were any good bargains.

I only came home with a few things, but worth picking up.
2 fruit baskets, was £5.00 I paid £1.00

Parsnips 10p

Potatoes 25p

Today we walked up to Asda, instinct told me I should take up the shopping trolley just in case there were lots of bargains, and there were.

Brocolli, tomatoes, coleslaw, grapes, peaches and nectarines all 10p each.

Sausage rolls and tarts 10p.

Falafels and Steak Pie 10p.

Several packs of cooked chicken, breast and slices. 
Ideal for pies, stews, curry etc. 

Fish 30p 

There was also a couple of salmon fillets, but I forgot to take a picture of them. 

There were lots of toiletries half price or less but I have rather a lot of soaps and shower gels, so I only picked up one box of the nivea shower gels.

£2.00 in the sale...

These Christmas cake kits were reduced to £2.00

The date on them is February but, it will keep longer than that.
Not a thing I would usually pick up but at that price why not.

If I had paid full price for all of today's shop it would have cost £62.67
I paid £6.80

Both my freezers are now full, as before Christmas I did some batch cooking and  filled them up with some home made ready meals.

The supermarkets are still full of panetonne, mince pies, christmas puddings, biscuits, and lots of chocolates etc.

Tomorrow I am going to have a final look around to see if I can get some more vegetables, even though I have no room in the freezer and have plenty in the fridge, if I find any at a ridiculous price they will come home with me and be put in the shed where they will keep for several weeks. I am also hoping to get another panetonne or two, and if there is any mincemeat, or Christmas pudding or some nice tins of biscuits I will grab those as well.

This yellow sticker shopping saves us so much money.

We woke up to snow again this morning, but if we get snowed in a least we won't go hungry.