Monday, 4 December 2017

A simple Christmas & some freebies

Before I continue with this post I just want to mention something.
There has been a lot of talk in blog land about Frugal Queen's disappearance. There has even been a thread started on titled where is the queen?

I did read through a few pages, it seems no one knows anything as all her social media accounts have vanished, some people are really concerned others are turning nasty, but this post is not about that, I have read her blog for years and like many others hope all is well. I just wanted to point it out that someone comments on the thread on MoneySavingExpert  with the name of Simple Living, this is not me, it is someone else, I use a different name when using that website, I am not getting involved.

Moving on.........

At the weekend the Christmas tree went up and a little decorating done. When you see all the fancy displays in garden centres and stores it is easy to see how people get tempted into buying things they can't really afford, just because they want to keep up with everyone else.

We did buy a few new baubles last year very cheaply in the B & Q sale, and on Sunday I bought this little planter for £3.50.

 I did pick up these lights and the two little deer on Freecycle the other day so I do have a few different things. 

The only thing left to do is put up a few decorations on the ceiling, again what we already have.

We won't be joining in hype, we will make do unless I see anything giving away on Freecycle which I fancy.

The last few days have been giving away some freebies.

As there are three of us we all claimed the offers. It is very simple, you just purchase the product, upload a till receipt and get paid back by Paypal.

So we managed to bag all of this for free.

Don't forget I won the competition for free Christmas lunch - turkey, sausages, bacon, stuffing and cranberry sauce. So this set to be a very low cost Christmas.