Wednesday, 13 December 2017

A rare visitor to the garden

This morning I was happily taking more bird photos, and I saw something up in the tree next door and I was sure it was a thrush but then it landed on our fence, and I managed to get a photo.

It was a Redwing.

As I have never seen one I don't really know much about them, this is some information I found in one of my books.

Redwings migrate from Scandinavia and Iceland, they are the smallest of the spotty thrushes. It is rare to see them in a urban garden (we live in the city), usually they are found near farmland, hedgerows, orchards and near pastureland.

They will visit gardens when it is cold, and they love fallen fruit, especially apples. 
Not long before this beauty arrived I put two halves of an apple out for the blackbirds. They prefer to feed from the ground but will visit bird tables if times get hard. Berry bearing trees as with all thrushes will attract them to the garden.

So that made me very happy this morning. 
But a few minutes after this, my new camera which I have only had a few weeks went wrong, the zoom stopped working and is now making a horrible noise, so as you can imagine I am not pleased, so we are just waiting to hear back from the company we purchased it from.  Typical isn't it, well at least I managed to get one photo of the Redwing.