Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Hello and welcome to my new follower L JL.

I have been very interested in collectables & vintage items for many years now, I am particularly interested in kitchenalia. So I thought I would start writing a bit more about things which I find, as I know there are many of you interested in vintage.

Some of my recent  purchases have been Pyrex.

From the classic clear design, to the colourful mid century designs, to the more modern designs, it has been the choice for chefs and home cooks for over 100 years.

The story of Pyrex did not start in the kitchen but on the railroad.  In 1908 research scientists at Corning Glass Works in the USA created a glass insert for railroad lanterns that could withstand extreme temperature changes. A few years later the wife of one of the research scientists was frustrated with the poor quality of the casserole dishes which were available so decided to bake a sponge in two sawn off  battery jars made from this resilient material. Intrigued by these experiments, the company launched the first glass dishes called Pyrex in 1915. The rest is history as they say.  There are now hundreds of designs available.

My recent Pyrex purchases.

I have yet to research the design of these small dishes.

All of the above cost me just £2.50 for the lot.

Most households own some sort of Pyrex whether it is a casserole dish or just a plain measuring jug.

One thing for sure is that it was/is made to last.