Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Baby Finches

Welcome to my new followers Petra and Pat.

We now have 10 baby zebra finches, they are all doing very well, when I went in the avairy this morning there was just one little still in the nest.

This little one did venture out a little later, he/she landed on my arm, and then when I was trying to get out of the avairy perched on my head and sat there for some time before decided to leave it's mark on my head, cheeky little rascal.

The other little ones . There is quite a bit of background noise from planes, as we are in a flight path.

After the baby's had come out we were going to take the block of nest boxes down, but the doves are now nesting.

One of the chinese painted quail , has also gone broody and sitting on eggs, which they don't do very often, we also have a big incubator now also, so there will be little ones everywhere before very long.

I don't mind I love them all, but I know we can't keep them so I won't get to attached, we have only had the birds a few months but they are so enjoyable and entertaining.