Saturday, 11 November 2017

A lovely day.

Yesterday was my birthday, a milestone birthday. I am now 50.

Gosh those years soon went by.

So this is how my birthday started with my favourite vanilla cream doughnut from Greggs. We didn't have breakfast we had cakes and coffee at 10 am. 

After the cake and coffee it was time for cards and gifts.

I received some lovely gifts.

A lovely calendar, what a great idea a calendar with no date and days written in so you can use it for whatever year you wish.

Some lovely writing paper. 

A beautiful bird calendar.

A Robin tea caddy.

Looking forward to trying this.

Perfect for chilly winter nights.

I am not a fan of blue and white china like the willow pattern for example, but I really do like this indigo blue with gold it works really well. I really do love this teapot, so pretty. I shall test it out later.

A copper biscuit cutter. I have started collecting copper cutters now.

These honey soaps smell simply divine, I really love them.

Aren't they pretty.
I am looking forward to using these, I shall pop them in my clothes drawers as I do with all soap now to fragrance my clothes before I actually use them.

I few nice things to consume.

I also had some money which I might use to buy a new coat.

Then it was off to Bourton-on-the-Water, a pretty little village in the Cotswolds, about half an hour from home. We have been here three times before, but it is such a lovely place. Before we went around the village, we went to Birdland.

These penguins were such adorable characters.

Such beautiful iridescent plummage.

The Kookaburra.

There was also a nature trail and Jurassic World, which I can imagine to be great fun for little ones.

Beautiful Snowy Owls.

These are Frogmouth Owls, I can see why they are named that.

So after Birdland it was time to have a stroll around the village, although the sun was out there was a real biting wind, so before we went too far hot drinks were in order.

I chose to have a fruit scone with butter, my husband had a really tasty looking cheese and ham croissant, so we decided to share, half a croissant and half a scone each. Very nice it was to.

So now all refreshed we went for a stroll.

Look at those lovely grapes.

There were a group of Japanese tourists and they were so exciting by seeing this grapes hanging from a house. The cameras were busy clicking away.

So after Bourton we went back for a stroll around Burford Garden Company.
So much more than your average garden centre, but such a pretty penny is needed to shop in here.

Panetonne anyone? Only £69.......

Lovely meringues.

We finished off with a meal at the Hungry Horse pub chain. I had a steak sizzler - mixed peppers with onions topped with a steak covered in mushrooms and cheese with a little peppercorn sauce. Followed by an ice cream dessert which I shared with my husband. It was an extra large sharing one.

It was a really lovely day.