Monday, 16 October 2017

Weird Weather & Watching the Birdies

The weather has been very weird today, this morning it went really dark but the sun was looking really red, all to do with Ophelia apparently.

 Some pictures of the garden birds.

I have had a few emails asking me how our aviary birds are doing, here are some photos I have taken over the last few days, sorry if some are a bit misty/blurry looking, my camera has been misbehaving a bit.

My favourite boy Jim the Bourke, he now says pretty boy.

The doves are funny they like to nestle down on the ground to sunbathe.

At night time when it is time for them to go in the roosting box the bourkes go in on their own, the doves have to sometimes be ushered in, but this little one lets me put her on my finger.

A few weeks after we got them, the finches tried to make nests in the roosting box, so my husband made some nest boxes, we do not usually let birds breed in the winter, we have never had finches before but followed the advice of an expert who says they will happily breed all year, they are very hardy little birds. So we have three nest boxes and 2 pairs have finished laying and 1 pair has just started, so at the moment we have around 17 eggs. Fingers crossed they hatch successfully, if they do I shall post a little video of the young.

You can see this little one keeping an eye on me.

I shall leave you with a short video, unedited.