Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Using it Up

This morning I have been very busy. It has been a using things up day, I don't like to waste anything.

Last week I bought a veg box from Asda and there were a few beetroots in there, so I made a jar of spiced pickled beetroot.

I harvested some basil leaves from the greenhouse and dried them in the microwave.
I am not a fan of microwaves, we only bought one to see us through whilst we were moving until we found a new oven, so it has little use, but drying herbs in them can be done very quickly indeed.

A chicken carcass was turned into some lovely stock.

There were two egg whites left from a recipe so I turned those into mini meringues.

And finally some red onions were used up to make some sweet relish. One jar for the cupboard and half a jar for the fridge.

Nothing gets wasted here.