Saturday, 21 October 2017

More Beautiful Bourke's

We weren't going to get any more birds, we thought with 4 quail, 2 bourke's, 2 diamond doves and 6 finches this would be enough, as we don't want an overcrowded aviary. But we have decided now to sell the 6 finches as zebra finches can be bought very cheaply and we are thinking along the lines if we are breeding birds, that we are better off having something which will make more money. The finches are busy in their nest boxes, some already have chicks so we will have to wait until they have raised the young and they are ready to go.

So yesterday we picked up 2  baby bourke's, they have a rainbow of colours really gorgeous, they are quite expensive to buy at £50 each, but when they have young we can get decent money for them, also after both of our pairs have bred we will keep one baby from each pair and make up another pair, we are also going to get a pair of canaries in the the spring. 

Bourke's have always been our favourite, they have such a lovely nature, really friendly and gentle, as they get use to us they will grow in confidence and hopefully let us pick them up and they wouldn't even try to bite. The first pair we got have become quite friendly and the male Jim says pretty boy to us, and yesterday I was thrilled when Rosie let me stroke her breast.

The newest additions have been named Fred and Wilma, Fred has the blue above his beak.

So this is Fred and Wilma

Rosie and Jim - Jim is the one on the left.

We are really pleased that we decided to get birds again, they give us a lot of pleasure, and they are clearly very happy here and get spoilt rotten.