Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Approved Food

Nil asked me the other day about Approved Foods and what it was.

Approved food is an online discount retailer, the company retails products that are near or past their best before date.

I do an order once or twice a year, it helps with the budget.

My order came today, I am not including it in my £50 budget as it was paid for in September.

I prefer cooking from scratch but I don't mind using a jar or packet sometimes, I'm only human after all. So this is what was in my order.

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Just realised after reading this, there were a couple of other things which I didn't take picture of but they have been put away now.

The cupboards are bursting now, as well as 2 freezers, so I the budget will stand at £50 for several months to come.

I will just do an update once a week on how its going.