Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Slow Cooking

I love my slow cooker, I love the fact that it not only saves money but saves time, I make enough for two days. Just spending half and hour preparing the meal, saves me on time, electric and washing up. 

I have heard people say slow cooker meals all taste the same, well in my opinion that is rubbish. I make some very tasty meals, the toughest and cheapest cuts of meat can be made to just melt in your mouth.

These running stats where taken from back in February, but it gives you an idea on how much you can save.

Electricity costs around 15p per kWh, so using an oven for an hour to cook your stew will cost around 30p - depending on your temperature. A slow cooker, which uses around 0.7kWh over the eight hours cooking time as an average of ,costs a third of the price, at 10.5p.15 Feb 2017

Today as it is cold and wet I have made a liver casserole in mine, using some liver I bought reduced to just 9p.

Looking forward to this later.

I have had this one for years and years.

I am just about to go in the kitchen and clean up this mini one, I bought from the car boot sale for £1, it will do for keeping something warm or desserts.