Sunday, 27 August 2017

Selling at the car boot sale

Today we went and sold at the car boot sale, if you haven't done one before here are a few tips.

1.  If you have some items which you think might be valuable, do a little research online, if you can't get the price you want at the car boot at least you can try selling online.

2.  Check the weather forecast the night before. Nothing worse than setting up and then it pours down and all your stuff gets ruined.

3.  Pack the car up the night before.

4.  Pack your wares up first and put your tables or ground sheets on the top.

5.  Be prepared for the swarms (not insects) but people who are eager to help unpack your car for you - this is why we put the tables on top and we politely ask folk to stay behind the tables while we unpack.

6.  If you take old clothes or handbags do check the pockets and all compartments of bags to make sure nothing is left in them - once I bought a handbag and had to go back to the seller as she left credit card statements and a cheque book in there.

7.  Unless you are told where to park, find a suitable spot where the ground even.

8.  Take plenty of change with you - we save change up a few weeks ahead.

9.  If you have one use a money belt, if you don't have one and put the money in a pot, keep your eyes on it at all times.

10.  Don't leave valuables in your car, if you have your back to the car things could easily disappear.

11.  Present your items nicely.

12.  Consider whether to use price labels - many people will just walk by if they don't see a price.

13.  Take some paper and pen, for making any signs.

14.  If its going to be hot put on the sun cream and wear a hat.

15.  Take your own food and drinks if you buy coffees and burgers you are eating your profits.

16.  Be polite and engage in a bit of friendly banter with your customers.

17.  Have a walk around the stalls yourself, you might find something to add to your stall and make a tidy profit on.

So today this was our very long stall, we are lucky where we go you can have has much room as you like.

After taking out the price of the entrance we came home with just over £120
Not bad really, not much was left, this will be taken to the charity shop next week.

The money we made will be used to buy the materials for our new avairy. Work has already started, we used to breed birds many years ago, we had a big avairy and a breeding area. We are only doing it on a smaller scale now, only having a few birds, if we move next year it will come with us and perhaps we will expand on this.

We were thinking about having chickens first, but decided against that as they would be free range they might mess up the garden a bit, and after all its not our house, but in the future I would like to have some.