Friday, 11 August 2017

Saving money & helping the enviroment

Being mindful helps the enviroment and can save you oodles of cash.

This is how we do our bit.

We never waste a scrap of food -  if there are any leftovers even the smallest amount will be added to another meal or frozen to be used and added to something at a later date. 

My husband is very handy so if any appliances or anything goes wrong he can usually fix them, if you don't have a handy man look in the manual or google the problem, it might not be as difficult to fix as you had thought.

Second hand clothing - Most of our clothes these days are bought from charity shops or the car boot sale, we have a brilliant one here which sells clothing for just 99p. You can often find very good labels. 

We also make do and mend to get our moneys worth.

If I only need a few things from the supermarket, I will leave the car at home and take my shopping trolley.

We regularly check Freecycle and Freegle

In the last two years we have got all of this for free...

Garden bench
Garden urn
3 Water butts
Paving slabs
Lawn Mower
Boxes of nuts, screws and bolts.
Uplighter Lamp
Brand new high end skincare and haircare products
Greenhouse glass
Dvd player
Furniture for the spare room
Crates of bottled water

We make our own compost, we no longer use chemicals in the garden, my feathered friends feast on any pests. We only have a small growing area but I still manage to grow a few things which I know haven't been sprayed with nasty chemicals.

I only have a brand new book if it is a gift, the rest are bought from second hand from Amazon or the car boot sale.

We use less product than recommended.

I reuse jars, ice cream tubs, plastic trays/foil trays etc, generally anything which can be used again in some way or another.

We are extremely frugal with energy and water usage which keeps our bills really low. 

Check out these old posts

We can all.......

Waste less
Consume less
Buy second hand
Make do and mend


  1. I love my shopping trolley, it means I can either walk into town and buy all the things I get from places other than the supermarket without having to either make multiple trips or wait for Dan to be at home at the weekend (and he doesn't enjoy this kind of trip so it's easier on my own).

    I know we could save money money by going to car boot sales or using free sites but I have never used either, I love seeing what everyone else unearths at them though. I am always amazed at what people give away or sell at rock bottom prices.

    1. I love freebies and the car boot you never know what you may find.

  2. All great tips, but please, do be careful with your shopping trolley. Both my physio and chiropractor advise against them, unless you push them in front of you. Pulling along behind you can cause injury to the spine with twisting your arm to pull it.

    1. Thankyou Deborah I will bear that in mind. I mainly use it for the Carboot, if I need milk which I buy in the 6 pint size I will take it then, as I don't like carrying bags because of the arthritis I get in my fingers sometimes. My shopping trips have cut right down now though. I do have the car which I take out when I go on the yellow sticker hunt.

  3. Great post Marlene and it all makes perfect sense. Despite believing we have already done irreversible damage to our planet I still continue doing my bit. It makes financial, common and moral sense.

    1. Thankyou Tania, yes it does shame some people can't see it.

  4. Good post, we are working on the same lines as you, our world is very wasteful. We don't buy second hand clothes but we do buy wisely, often at sale prices, we do not own anywhere as many clothes as we once did, items are worn out rather than passed on once we are bored. We love freecycle and our local facebook page. I have almost banished chemicals from our garden, I had to use a spray this summer to rid my gooseberries of sawfly.

    1. Thankyou I must take a look at Facebook buying and selling.

  5. I was thinking about how long I've been buying second hand/ re-using etc while I was reading your post , and realised that it's over 30 years; not bad for a 52 year old!
    Everything on our allotments is grown organically. A couple took over an allotment at the same time as we got our second in February. Theirs was sprayed with all kinds of weedkiller, whereas we dug and weeded ours. Theirs has hardly anything growing on it, ours is full of wonderful organic fruit and veg.

    1. Hi Scarlet you are just a little older than me, I love second hand, I don't know why some people are so stuck up about it. You do have tons of lovely produce don't you, that just goes to prove what chemicals can do doesn't it.

  6. I agree absolutely. It's about being mindful and stopping to think first.

    1. Yes it certainly is, some people wouldn't have so many money problems if they did a few of the above.

  7. You certainly had some good finds from Freecycle! We tend to give away things to charity shops when they are no longer required, or to people whom we know might need them. A friend has a son who has his own (new) gardening business and we have a brand-new ladder which is just a bit too heavy for my husband to use now (it wouldn't have been too heavy a few years ago!) and so we will ask him if he would like it, and if not, it will go to a charity furniture outlet. I know a step ladder isn't furniture, but this is a good one, not one of those old wooden ones that people tend to use as towel racks (these are now a bit of a cliché!) in bathrooms.
    Yes, food can generally be used up. I made a chicken casserole this week. There is just one piece of chicken left plus the veg and sauce, and once I've removed the chicken from the bone, it will all be added to soup that I will make today. Of course, one must always take care when re-using food of food bags: the casserole had only been re-heated once and even then I portioned out what we required so that the whole lot wasn't re-heated; and when re-using plastic bags it is wise to remember that some of them have carted meat or fish from the supermarket and therefore carry quite a lot of bacteria even from the outside of the containers, so only use those bags again for meat or fish which is still in its plastic containers.
    It goes without saying we re-use all our old cotton underwear cut up as dusters and cleaning clothes. And we also use less product, such as shampoo, conditioner, washing up liquid, laundry liquid, than is often recommended. Sadly, Kelly's ice cream, which we like, now comes in a box which isn't really suitable for storing soup in, in the freezer. I've actually had to buy some new boxes (shame!) from the supermarket!
    Margaret P

    1. You are certainly doing your bit Margaret, many people would have thrown that piece of chicken away, I guess imagination must be lacking, or perhaps laziness, I really hate food waste. Yes you do have to be careful with bags/containers which have had meat in.

  8. Good post Marlene. I'm always in admiration of what you manage to achieve. I always try to avoid waste (especially food) wherever possible to help the environment and so I have money to spend on the things which make me happy.
    Love the shopping trolley. X

    1. What a lovely thing to say Jules, well done you that's what it's all about saving so we can spend on what's important to us xx

  9. I love reading about saving money and other resources. You are doing great.
    I too have a shopping trolley, I used it to take groceries from the car to my previous apartment. :) The store is too far for me to walk.

    1. Thankyou so much I am glad you are enjoying my blog, the shopping trolley is very handy.

  10. If only more people would think this way, so much could be saved. The important thing is we all try to do our bit and your posts are a great help with that xx

  11. I like to think that most people do at least a little something these days, but I'm sure that's not always the case. My family used to laugh at me in my teens as I was always banging on about the environment. I wrote to Tesco to ask if their bags were biodegradable, I wrote it in pink ink, they must have thought I was some kind of lunatic. But they replied (said the bags were not biodegradable, but they were working on it).

    I need to cut down on a lot of things. I'm not ashamed to admit that I could do more, but at least I know it and accept it. I don't drive, so always have to walk anywhere, so I need to get myself a shopping trolley. I wonder if I can get a sparkly pink one?! Good post Marlene. xx

    1. Thankyou Sadie.
      I think if the retailers did more it would help but saying that a lot of people have the can't be bothered attitude, I watched something on tv once where a family didn't recycle anything at all, such a shame. I have seen plenty of pink ones, but not a sparkly one, but I am sure you could track one down. I use to think it was a bit grannyish but don't care now, it really helps and lots of people use them now. xx


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