Friday, 11 August 2017

Saving money & helping the enviroment

Being mindful helps the enviroment and can save you oodles of cash.

This is how we do our bit.

We never waste a scrap of food -  if there are any leftovers even the smallest amount will be added to another meal or frozen to be used and added to something at a later date. 

My husband is very handy so if any appliances or anything goes wrong he can usually fix them, if you don't have a handy man look in the manual or google the problem, it might not be as difficult to fix as you had thought.

Second hand clothing - Most of our clothes these days are bought from charity shops or the car boot sale, we have a brilliant one here which sells clothing for just 99p. You can often find very good labels. 

We also make do and mend to get our moneys worth.

If I only need a few things from the supermarket, I will leave the car at home and take my shopping trolley.

We regularly check Freecycle and Freegle

In the last two years we have got all of this for free...

Garden bench
Garden urn
3 Water butts
Paving slabs
Lawn Mower
Boxes of nuts, screws and bolts.
Uplighter Lamp
Brand new high end skincare and haircare products
Greenhouse glass
Dvd player
Furniture for the spare room
Crates of bottled water

We make our own compost, we no longer use chemicals in the garden, my feathered friends feast on any pests. We only have a small growing area but I still manage to grow a few things which I know haven't been sprayed with nasty chemicals.

I only have a brand new book if it is a gift, the rest are bought from second hand from Amazon or the car boot sale.

We use less product than recommended.

I reuse jars, ice cream tubs, plastic trays/foil trays etc, generally anything which can be used again in some way or another.

We are extremely frugal with energy and water usage which keeps our bills really low. 

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We can all.......

Waste less
Consume less
Buy second hand
Make do and mend