Friday, 25 August 2017

Decluttering for the Car Boot Sale

Hello and welcome to my new follower Tess.

Sue from here  did a post on her one day challenge to find 10 items an hour to take to the Car Boot Sale.

We had already planned to do one this Sunday, we have already done one this year and the leftovers are still in the shed packed up ready to go ago, since last time I  have already filled up more boxes, my husband is going to have a rummage in his shed and see what else he can find before we go.

So I thought I would get myself a challenge this morning like Sue, not to find 10 items an hour but to see if I could find an extra 100 items to take.

Well I have to say it was not difficult at all. It is surprising what you find when you look. No point in having unwanted stuff sat in drawers or cupboards.

So I had a mini declutter this morning and found some extra things to take.

Money Tree & Spider Plants.

Basil and flat leaf parsley.

This globe was one of the handful of items we kept after we sold our home and all contents before, but it is just sat in a corner collecting dust, there's no room for it, so we will take it and see if someone gives us a sensible offer, if not it will have to come back and collect dust again.

I bought lots of packs of Christmas cards last year in the Asda sale I paid 5p a pack for the Pug ones and 10p a pack for the Robin ones, so I thought I would take some of those. The jars contain charms from when I used to make jewellery.

So there we have it, a few more things, I think with all the stuff we have and I can still find more if I look, we shall probably need to do 2 more Car Boots to clear it.

It's good to have a declutter.