Monday, 14 August 2017

Couponing & Yellow Stickers

I was flicking through the tv channels the other day and starting watching Extreme Couponing, this is an American show. They Americans spend hours clipping coupons so they can save hundreds on their grocery bills, they turn the spare rooms and basements into stock rooms, in one of the episodes I watched the lady spent around $650 and after coupons her bill was only $7, oh how I wish I could do the same, but in this country there sadly is a lack of coupons.

Some people might think the behaviour is obsessive, yes I agree it can be but I have no problem with that, if they make the time and effort to do these things then why shouldn't they be rewarded.

I used to have a stock cupboard in the garage of our old house, and started building stockpile again since moving here as I have access to all those bargains, my pile has dwindled, in fact I no longer have things tucked away in the spare rooms (which we have 2 of). So I am going to try and focus on building this up again. 
 Diesel has gone up again, and this week I noticed the bread I was buying had shot up by 20p, also another item I buy had shot up by 30p.

Times are hard and set to get harder, those of us on low incomes or on a budget have to make every penny work harder.

As I can't get many coupons, I will still be focusing on yellow sticker shopping, and am going to make more use of the shopping apps.

This week I did use two coupons for pizza, not a thing we eat often but after buying the item which was on special offer at Asda and using coupons I got these two, they cost 25p each.

The postman bought these for me this week as well, it was a thankyou for doing a survey, not something I would usually buy, but not to be wasted. I do like a sweet treat now and then.

Yellow stickers were a bit disappointing this week, not much fresh fresh and veg about, I did get a few items though.

2 x packs of broad beans was £1.10 each down to 35p each.
2 x packs f tomatoes was £1.10 each down to 39p each.

My man likes a pie, 9p pies for the freezer.

Pots of ready made indian and egg fried rice - I have never bought cooked rice before, but these can be frozen and will be used for doing stuffed peppers. 
Chopped cucumber 9p.

3 bread rolls and 3 croissants for 25p.
Crumpets 9p

 Cold meats from the deli counter.

I can't believe the before price.

We will be eating some of the turkey with salad and new potatoes for tea, the rest will go in the freezer.

And finally a couple packs of sausages.

So as I say not brilliant, but it filled up a few gaps in the freezer.

Every little helps, the less we have to spend the better.