Thursday, 27 July 2017


I do love foraging, its really nice to be able to enjoy natures harvest.

Whilst going for a walk on Sunday I spotted some blackberries, I was quite surprised to see then ready so early.

So out came a little plastic bag (us foragers are always prepared) and I proceeded with the picking.

I had some Vodka left, so added some right into the bottle with some sugar, and the rest were bagged up for the freezer.

Making a delicious winter tipple.

Yesterday I decided to go on the same walk and see if any more had ripened.

I took the others out the freezer and used some of the fresh ones and made two jars of seedless jam. With the sugar used it worked out about 40p a jar and a little electric which works out a lot cheaper than a decent jam from the shops and I know exactly whats in it.

There are still a few left which I will be using tomorrow in baking.

Capturing the taste of summer.

Anyone else been foraging lately?