Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Deals & not being a "Brand" snob

We have a budget to stick to so we can't or won't just go in the supermarket and just fill up a trolley, it's been years since we shopped like that. I buy as many yellow stickers as I can, we like to eat plenty of fruit and veg and if I can't find any on the reduced shelf I will buy it from the street market or car boot, on Monday we went up the town and bought carrier bags full of fruit and veg for only £2.00 a bag, I look for a good deal on everything.

This week it was time to buy toilet rolls again. The ones I buy are £3.99, but I spotted a deal, 3 for £10 in Farm Foods. Buying in large quantities takes up room to store but if it saves me money I will do it. Buying 3 packs saved us £2.00.

54 Toilet Rolls for £10

Today I spotted some ketchup on the reduced to clear shelf, it's only shops own brand and still in date for 13 months, so at 30p a bottle it had to come home with me.

Only 30p a bottle - bargain!

One thing we are not is "Brand" snobs, I try all basics ranges, some are not nice others are fine, I will give it a try.

Some "Basic Range" items purchased today.

Cloths - 35p
Bleach - 28p
Kidney Beans - 30p
Tomatoes - 29p
Mustard - 25p
Pickle - 24p

Only £1.71 for the six items above.

Shopping smart saves money!