Thursday, 13 July 2017


I have a new follower - bit confused to who it is, sometimes people follow and leave and then come back,  I think its Linda? anyway hello and welcome.

I have been so busy since my last post, I have nearly finished my next book, it is in my son's safe hands doing the editing and formatting etc. We just have to spend the next few days doing the rest of the photos. 

I have neglected the house keeping a bit so yesterday I gave the kitchen a really good blitz, I just have to take my hanging crystals down and give them a wash.

Then  I must start on the other rooms. Anything no longer wanted will be heading to the next car boot we do before the end of the season.

Love this quote - how very true.

On the frugal front, I have made some new candles from the old candle scraps.

Picked up some decking off cuts from freecycle, my husband will make these into some planters for me. 

This morning I picked up some free soup from using coupons - not really soup weather but it is to nice a freebie to say no to.

From the garden this week I have had, mixed salad leaves, radishes, courgettes, and some blackcurrants.

Before I do anymore cleaning I want to spend some time in the garden this afternoon, doing a bit of dead heading and weeding, time spent in the garden I find is a very good way to relax, I just love being outdoors.

I shall leave you with just a few pictures of the garden.

Lovely Lillies bought for 50p at the car boot