Monday, 26 June 2017

The Car Boot Sale

We have been going to car boot sales for years this is our preferred way to shop.

If you love a bargain and are on a budget then this is the place to go. Many people have never been to one and just associate them with being a load of old tat.  Yes you do find loads of tat, but there are treasures to be found as well.

The car boot sales here are huge, it takes us a couple of hours or more to look around, we go around several times as some people are unpacking still. We go prepared we have a shopping trolley each, which saves having to struggle with bags and keep running back to the car every five minutes, we also make sure we have some bottled water, also we have some carrier bags in the bottom of the trolley for wrapping anything breakable, my husband also carries a tape measure so if there is something we have been looking for we can check it is the right size.

So what can you expect to find at a car boot sale - the simple answer is everything.

For new parents you can find baby clothes, cots, prams, buggies, sterilisers etc.

Also for children, shoes, clothes, books and toys.

If you are looking to kit out a first time home, you can find kitchenware, small appliances, bedding, curtains, pictures, furniture and much more.

Ideal for uni students living in to set themselves up.

For the DIY enthusiast or man about the house there is always a good range of tools, paints etc - my husband always finds something useful for his shed.

Fruit and Veg can be bought very cheaply.

I paid just £2.00 for 24 apricots and 12 satsumas.

Gardeners can pick up tools, plants, ornaments

These two stone angels cost us only £28 in total, at the garden centre they would have probably charged around £60 each.

You will find plenty of cheap indoor entertainment, like books, cd's, dvd's and games.

You can revamp your wardrobe for next to nothing.

Also if you have a good eye you can look for items to resell.

There are lots of new items to be found which are ideal to give as gifts.

There is something for everyone, and you can save so much money.

A few of my purchases from the last few weeks.

Brand new Marks & Spencers sandals £2.00

New slippers £2.00

New oven gloves £2.00

Yesterday we bought nine plants for just £7.00

Cosmos were £2.00 for any three.

Fuschia also £2.00 for any three.

Then there was a section for any 3 for £3.00

I love this pot from "Past Times" £4.00

I found a stratton sweet pea design compact in immaculate condition for £5.00, I looked on the famous auction site to see how much it would be worth but couldn't find it, so I am hoping it is a rarer one, I could sell it but I love compacts, I once started collecting them then regrettably sold them. 

A make up mirror £5.00 it lights up and the other side is magnified.

Last week we had a bit of a sort out and went to sell on Saturday, and we were very pleased that we made £140.

We will try and do another one before the end of the season.