Friday, 30 June 2017

It's been a good week on the frugal front.

Some good thrifty goings on this week.......

I have only done a minimal shop for the basics this week. So not really any yellow stickers apart from these potatoes.

Some good freebies.

By using shopping apps I had all this free.

2  packets of cinnamon and raisin bagels, we had some for breakfasts this week and the other pack went in the freezer.

2 of these bars.

2 bottles of cider.

On the local gumtree someone was giving away a huge bag of dvd's, we kept the ones we wanted, the ones we didn't want went to ziffit and the ones they didn't take went into the car boot box, free dvd's and money, it's all good.

From Freecycle.....

I picked up a huge carrier bag full of hotel soaps, there must be over 100.

A Sony dvd player, which has now gone in our bedroom.

Free Sony dvd player only used a few times by the previous owner

Thinking ahead about doing another car boot sale at the end of the season.......

I took some cuttings from the money tree plants.

They grow very easily from cuttings, they will even root from a single leaf. By the time we do the next car boot in a few months they will be a better size.

I bought a spider plant for £1.00 at last weeks car boot sale and it was pot bound so I split it , one for me and two more to sell and a baby one.

I have also sown several trays of herbs, and they will also be taken to the next car boot.

We are eating salad leaves regularly from the garden, and this week I picked the first courgette.

So it's been a pretty good week.

All these little things help,