Thursday, 8 June 2017

I am rather busy at the moment trying to finish off writing another book in amongst all the other things, so I shall only be posting once or twice a week for a while but I'll see how it goes.

So the holiday has been and gone and it's back to living simply and cheaply.

I have picked up some good yellow stickers this week.

Most of the above had been reduced twice.

4 x butter/spread - was £1.80 paid 40p
2 x cottage cheese - was 75p paid 10p
2 x potato salad - was 64p paid 10p
2 x kievs - was £1.70 paid 60p
Falafel bites - was £2.80 paid 50p
Garlic bread - was £1.00 paid 30p
3 x boxes of eggs - was £1.09 paid 40p
Plaice fillets - was £2.75 paid £1.00
3 x Quiche - was £4.50 paid 60p
Oranges - was £1.00 paid 20p
Grapes - was £1.80 paid 25p
Strawberries - was £1.00 paid 20p

At the original price it would have cost £31.50, I paid £7.45
Very pleased with those savings.

I have had a couple lots of lambs lettuce from the garden.

I sowed a few more salad leaves.

I also bought a living salad for £1.00 and living watercress for £1.07 from the supermarket, and planted those.

The pictures were taken on Sunday the watercress has already doubled in size.

I needed some peppers for the sweet and sour chicken I am making tonight, but there were none going cheap so I took a look in the freezer, for 600g it was only £1.00 which is very good value, so when I can't find what I need going cheap I think I shall be looking into frozen more often as you often get so much more for your money.

I sorted out a few books for Ziffit, I got £11.24 for these and they are free to post.

My hair is short at the moment but the fringe grows so quick and needs doing a few times in between cuts but no need to go to the hairdressers I just cut it myself.

Cutting it myself saved £10

So quite a good thrifty week so far.