Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Grow your own?

With supermarket prices going up all the time I was just thinking  how many people who don't already will start to grow their own.

I am lucky enough to get yellow stickers sometimes, which gives me fruit, veg and salads so cheaply, but it is also nice just to step outside the back door and pick a few things.

We were lucky when we moved here to have the greenhouse and a raised bed already here.

We have potatoes, 2 courgette plants and 4 tomato plants in there, as well as some garlic in between and a few radishes growing along the edge near the tomatoes.
There are also peppers and salad leaves at different stages in the greenhouse.

Courgettes coming along nicely

We also have a few fruit bushes and an apple tree.

You don't even need a greenhouse or raised bed, things can be grown in pots successfully.

Herbs in Pots

Salad leaves sown today straight into the pot, just pick a few when you need them and they will carry on growing.

Buying compost can be expensive but I always re use it. 
Seeds can be bought very cheaply these days, a few days ago I picked up these 3 packs  they were 3 for £1.00 in Poundland, that's 950 seeds for just £1.00

So do you grow your own? Are you going to start doing it to save money?