Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Cookery Books

This morning I decided I would go through my cookery books. I counted 43.

Some of my books for example like Nigel Slater are gifts from my loved ones. But others are second hand, I  would never go out and buy a brand new book, most are picked up from the car boot for £1.00.

I also keep recipe folders, and just bought a few more, I don't see the point of keeping a book for just one or two recipes and I also print recipes out from websites or jot down any good ones.

So after a sort out these are the ones going.

I also sorted out a few other books I have finished with.

A few other books have been sold on Ziffit.

All of the above will be going to the next car boot sale. 

I have lots more sorting out to do, seeing what I can find to sell. It's good to have a declutter.