Monday, 15 May 2017


Poor little babies, we started with eight, then it went to six, the first two which died were the last born and kept getting turfed out the nest by the others and were just to weak.
Then a few more disappeared and we didn't know what was happening. Then one morning we saw a small flock of starlings on the shed roof and one was on the perch with his head right in there, they had obviously been taking them, the perch has been taken down, but they still have been coming around, it's difficult as we can't sit and watch 24 hours a day. Also when it was hot another one couldn't cope with the heat, and we also found another one right the other end of the garden, it must have got pulled out or somehow fallen out.

So we have just two left now, the egg is an old one, but we have seen the Great Tits getting friendly again already, obviously wanting another brood.

These two little ones are doing very well.

These pictures are from today.