Friday, 12 May 2017

Time Management

I used to hear people say they were busier than ever since they retired and I can say that is certainly true for us, well my husband is retired and I no longer work and we are at home all day, but we are both busy all day long.

I keep thinking I need to get more organised so I can have more "me time". 

Here are some of the things I do to manage my time and save time.

1.   Try not to spend to much time on the internet before you know it the morning 
       or afternoon is just gone and I think well I haven't done anything yet.


2.   Do less laundry - no need to just throw everything in the wash at the end of the 
      day if it looks clean and smells clean it will do another day apart from under wear  
      of course.

3.   Avoid ironing - we dress in easy care casual clothes at home which rarely needs   
      to be ironed, I just tend to iron my sons shirts and trousers for uni, the rest of it 
      just gets a good shake and folded up.

4.   Plan meals a few days in advance - I tend to work out what meals I am going to 
      cook after a yellow sticker shop or if yellow stickers are sparse plan from what 
      is in the freezer and cupboards, I am not one to just open the fridge and say what 
      am I going to make tonight, I want to be prepared.

5.   After the four door  fridge freezer went wrong here we were given a three drawer 
      one  so I can't really do that much batch cooking, but when I am cooking I do try  
      to double up and make an extra one for the freezer.

6.   My husband takes my son to Uni with the car so if we have any other jobs to do, 
      like taking parcels to the shop or going to the supermarket, etc we combine trips 
      saving time and diesel.

7.   I don't have a set cleaning routine, it saves time to tidy as you go and  I  just do a 
      few little extra jobs each day.

8.   I like to cook but I have got to the stage in my life where I don't want to spend 
      hours cooking, so I choose simple, healthy quick to prepare meals, and if I want    
      to bake I will do it whilst waiting for the tea to cook and this saves us on electric
      if the oven is already on, I like to get my moneys worth.

9.   I love gardening but would rather sit and relax in it then spending time planting 
      and planning,  so the garden has many perennials and we just add a few annuals 
      to fill in the gaps.

      So over to you, do you have any good time saving tips?