Monday, 17 April 2017

We have had a busy weekend we went to 3 car boot sales.

Here is what I have bought.

Slippers £1.00

 Bird window feeder (new) £2.00

Hand soap £2.00 will keep us going for quite some time.


£4.00 spent on books.

£1.00 each for these two brand new products - the mineral powder retails at around £25.

£1.00 for this piece of stained glass, thought this would be nice in the kitchen window, the dove needs some new white paint and it needs a hanger, but an easy job to get it looking nice again. I really love stained glass.

Some one was selling home made garden ornaments and statues.

£1.50 paid for this small one.

My best buy this weekend.

This beautiful angel was only £15 but I haggled and I had it for £13 - and it stone, brilliant buy.