Friday, 21 April 2017

Thrifty goings on in the kitchen.

This week in my thrifty kitchen.....

I bought 3 packs of Basa fish reduced from £4.00 a pack to 50p a pack.

Turned into fish pies one eaten, two for the freezer.

Chicken breast down to £1.00 a pack.

Turned into some deep filled pies for the freezer.

A big pan of leek and potato soup was made, lasted two days.

I made some lovely mint sauce.

Several weeks back I bought a three packs of 8 eating apples for 19p a pack, and some now needed using up so I got the apple peeling machine out, then stewed them down.

Mixed with three tins of this fruit filing which I bought reduced some time ago for 25p a tin.

Three crumbles were made, one for the weekend and two for the freezer.

Also for the weekend I quickly rustled up some chocolate cornflake squares.

I went for my afternoon walk and came back with this bargain.

It has a good date on it still, so I will keep it for a week or so before using, this big piece will give us quite a few meals.