Friday, 7 April 2017

Some good deals I have found this week.....

Our favourite butter was on offer for £1.50 normal price up to £2.80 depending on the supermarket.

Stocking up to keep us going until the next offer.

This popcorn cost just 35p for a pack of 6 after cashback from a shopping app - I believe the offer is no longer available.

Asda are clearing these dishwasher tablets, was £14 down to £5.00

These will keep me going for a while

All this for free.......

Hot chocolate, who cares if it is Freddo the frog, I don't,  its just hot chocolate. Free from a shopping app ( offer now expired).

2 packs of seeds.

2 free mini perfumes, shampoo and some skincare

Love free stuff, saves my money.

Other thrifty things today.

Bread & butter pudding slice made for the last of some reduced to 19p bread.

My 19p marrow has been turned into chutney.

I added some of these reduced shallots

A handful of sultanas, some spices, cheap malt vinegar and brown sugar.

I spotted some of the garlic had started to sprout, so I planted it outside.

So just another thrifty week .