Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Welcome to my new follower Julie Andres.

When did I decide to have a go at book writing? A few years ago when I had the first Simple Living blog (now deleted) a few people said to me why don't you put all your tips together in a book, so that's what I did.

I am currently just finishing off the second book which is completely different to the first (I can't say any more at the moment).  I have also started on others, I am spending several hours a day on this at the moment.

The first book which you can see in my header is now available on Amazon in paperback format as well as the kindle version.


This has black and white photos due to the printing costs, printing in colour would have made the book much more expensive and I didn't want to do that for this first "dipping my toe in the water" book.

The next book will be much longer and have colour photos, but it has more than double the content.

Hopefully this will be launched at the end of June.

A copy of the paperback arrived today, and we are really pleased with it.

The kindle version will be on a 7 day promotion from midnight tonight a half the original cost.