Saturday, 8 April 2017

A Bargain Weekend

Once again I struck it lucky with the bargains.

20 Domestos toilet cleaners 20p each.

Plum tomatoes 10p a tin, with a 2018 date and no dents perfect. 
I spotted a 10p soup with a slight dent in so had that as well.

It looks like I had a lot but believe me there were shelves of these, others had plenty.

Cornflakes for 25p.
2 Loreal hairsprays 30p each
Beans and soup 10p each

Taylors coffee bags 20p
Typhoo tea 20p
Nescafe pods 25p
Earl grey £1.50
Green Tea 20p
Espresso pods 20p

All reduced just because the boxes were a bit battered.

We don't have a coffee machine which takes pods but I just open them up and just make in the normal way.

Some very good savings, it saves us lots in the long run.