Friday, 31 March 2017

Yellow Stickers

The last few times I have being yellow sticker shopping on a Sunday afternoon have been very disappointing. I don't really like going out after tea but must make more of an effort, so now the nights are getting lighter I will venture out, I can walk to Asda and take the shopping trolley as it is only 5 mins walk. Morrison's is a little further ,so I will take the car.

So on Wednesday I went to Asda, not much there, but they had trays and trays of Cauliflowers was 50p each - paid 10p each.

Still perfectly fresh

I spotted some Daffodils 10p a bunch, one or two looked a little shabby but most of them hadn't even come out. So I picked the two best bunches originally £1.00 a bunch.

They were cheap but will be very cheerful!

On Thursday from the Co-op which I would never usually shop at as they are expensive. I only go there if I have a Hermes parcel to drop off.

2 x Pizza Express Pizzas was £4.50 each - reduced to £1.13

Muller rice x 4 pots - was £2.69 - reduced to 67p
Cadbury's Desserts - was £2.49 - reduced to 62p

2 x Pasties - Was £1.49 each - reduced to 37p

Large Carrot cake - was £4.45  reduced to £1.11

Thursday evening - just a few things.

Bread was £1.12 - paid 19p
Pasta Salad was £2.47 - paid 35p
2 x bags of salad was £1.15 each - paid 10p each
Roses was £6.00 - paid £1.50


2 x punnets of cherry tomatoes was - £1.00 each - paid 40p
Lettuce was £1.10 - paid 19p
Green beans x 6 packs - was 64p each - paid 9p each
Marrow was £1.25 - paid 19p
Celery was £1.22 - paid 19p
Spring Onions was £1.00 - paid 19p
Piece of frying steak was £1.39 - paid 15p
Quiche was £4.00 paid 69p
Shallots x 2 packs was £1.00 - paid 19p each
Doughnuts (our Friday night treat) was 50p - paid 25p

If I had paid full price all this shopping would have been £56.30 - I paid £11.93.