Friday, 31 March 2017

Yellow Stickers

The last few times I have being yellow sticker shopping on a Sunday afternoon have been very disappointing. I don't really like going out after tea but must make more of an effort, so now the nights are getting lighter I will venture out, I can walk to Asda and take the shopping trolley as it is only 5 mins walk. Morrison's is a little further ,so I will take the car.

So on Wednesday I went to Asda, not much there, but they had trays and trays of Cauliflowers was 50p each - paid 10p each.

Still perfectly fresh

I spotted some Daffodils 10p a bunch, one or two looked a little shabby but most of them hadn't even come out. So I picked the two best bunches originally £1.00 a bunch.

They were cheap but will be very cheerful!

On Thursday from the Co-op which I would never usually shop at as they are expensive. I only go there if I have a Hermes parcel to drop off.

2 x Pizza Express Pizzas was £4.50 each - reduced to £1.13

Muller rice x 4 pots - was £2.69 - reduced to 67p
Cadbury's Desserts - was £2.49 - reduced to 62p

2 x Pasties - Was £1.49 each - reduced to 37p

Large Carrot cake - was £4.45  reduced to £1.11

Thursday evening - just a few things.

Bread was £1.12 - paid 19p
Pasta Salad was £2.47 - paid 35p
2 x bags of salad was £1.15 each - paid 10p each
Roses was £6.00 - paid £1.50


2 x punnets of cherry tomatoes was - £1.00 each - paid 40p
Lettuce was £1.10 - paid 19p
Green beans x 6 packs - was 64p each - paid 9p each
Marrow was £1.25 - paid 19p
Celery was £1.22 - paid 19p
Spring Onions was £1.00 - paid 19p
Piece of frying steak was £1.39 - paid 15p
Quiche was £4.00 paid 69p
Shallots x 2 packs was £1.00 - paid 19p each
Doughnuts (our Friday night treat) was 50p - paid 25p

If I had paid full price all this shopping would have been £56.30 - I paid £11.93.



  1. Nice to see that you still have the touch Marlene.
    T***o was rubbish for bargains last night so I didn't get anything....and I was there at what is usually the right time-x-

    1. Oh dear, that is very disappointing when that happens x

  2. Good work! I've got the jackpot recently hitting Sainsrobbers at just the right time. Got two huge pieces of top notch beef for less than half price, loads of fruit n veg and discontinued coconut butter type spread - £3.50 to 25p a tub!! Don't buy it normally but at the price, it goes on my toast very nicely ad is supposed to be good for me! !!

    1. Well done you, I find it hard to get joints of meat.

  3. Great bargains Marlene. I would probably be wary of buying fresh produce which I can't freeze but I guess you will make some into sauces or soups and freeze them. I should be more organised.
    I got a bit excited at the reduced Roses. I assumed it was chocolates! 😆 X

    1. I have a few slow cooker meals lined up, I am trying to avoid to much chocolate at the moment, getting ready for summer x

  4. I can never understand why people pay full price for Muller Rice. Love those cauli's.

    1. They are expensive, my husband likes them, but he only has them when they are cheap. Yes can't go wrong with veg, I have only used one will use another tomorrow, they are still nice and fresh in the fridge.

  5. Great bargains Marlene and I love the flowers :) xx

    1. Thankyou Angela, at that price a girl can afford a treat xx

  6. What a lot of wonderful bargains, Marlene! I've never tried Muller Rice. I like a home-made rice pud but most desserts in our house are just fresh fruit of a slice of home-made cake. Yesterday I made two single-layer almond cakes, thinking I could freeze one. So we had a slice with a cup of tea in the summerhouse. Then elder son appeared with grandson. Two more slices were eaten. Then elder son left grandson with us so that he (grandson) would 'help' granddad in the garden. Grandson then asked if he might have another slice? (It must've been good!) So I aid No, not this time, it would spoil his tea and his Mummy would be disappointed after spending the afternoon cooking, but he could take slices home with him for all three of them. By this time there was just a sliver left ... so he second single layer cake never made it to the freezer, hey ho!
    Margaret P

    1. Well is nice to see they appreciate your baking, I expect in the future I will be baking for Jack still. You can beat home cooking and baking.


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