Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The garden is waking up

Welcome to my new follower Dorothy.

 The last few weeks have been milder so I have ventured out to sort and tidy the greenhouse . It has just turned out to be a bit of a dumping ground.

I only keep the bird food here in the winter months then it will go back in the shed.

All tidy now.

Before Christmas I picked up a mini standard rose in Home Bargains for £3.99 - all of a sudden it has really come to life, as has the rest of the garden.

I picked these up today in Home Bargains for 99p each.

We went into B & Q also, and they had a clearance.

We paid just £3.90 for all of these.

At the end of last summer I was thinking this year I would turn my veg growing area into a flower bed for cutting  flowers to have  indoors, but I have decided against that, we will be avoiding spending to much money in this garden now as this summer could be our last. I will grow some tomatoes, courgettes and peppers in pots. Last year I collected flower seeds, and with the seeds I bought today I will try and avoid buying anything else.

Potatoes have gone in this space.

89p from home bargains. 

So hopefully spending £3.56 will give us a good crop of potatoes.

Nothing nicer than freshly dug spuds.

The last of the indoor Hyacinths are blooming now and I did buy some lovely cheery daffodils this week.

Now ..........