Monday, 6 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 6

Today's purchases. 

This morning we  needed milk so I picked some up in the co op but won't be doing that again, six pints were £1.99 , six pints in Asda are £1.65.

From Asda this afternoon some salad and some lovely lemons.

Some fruit to go with the yogurt for breakfasts, I am currently using Easiyo from the cupboards so don't have to buy yogurt for a while.

Asda are clearing these - 75p each.

I also picked up the other two "free" soups.

Tea tonight was some of the gammon I cooked up yesterday.

Served with boiled potatoes, a bag of spinach from the freezer, the reduced cauliflower I bought the other day, and some parsley sauce from the cupboards.

Todays spend - £ 10.37

March spend so far - £17.42