Saturday, 4 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 4

Today I did spend some money.

We had fish & chips for lunch, we fancied a treat, we hardly ever eat out , just have an odd take away when we fancy it. We found a lovely chippy and the prices are really very good. Our son had a small piece of cod & some curry sauce, my husband and myself shared a large piece of cod, and we all shared a portion of chips, you only need one portion as they are very generous. All of that only cost £7.35 which is very good indeed. I will not be adding this to my challenge as it is a treat.

Instead of baking today, I bought some hot cross buns and some mini rolls, the hot cross buns were 75p each or two for £1.00, I didn't want two but it was silly not to take advantage of that deal as we love a hot cross bun, the other pack has gone into the freezer, I also bought bread for 75p, I also spotted a cauliflower reduced although it was very fresh for 35p, I shall use it on Monday.

So the above items with the bread cost £3.35

March spend so far - £5.46

I also printed four soup coupons today, £1.00 off, they are on offer for £1.00 at Asda at the moment, making them completely free, I shall pick up another two when I am out for my walk tomorrow.