Friday, 3 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 3

I still had 19 eggs left out of the 60 I bought a few weeks ago , which I paid  20p for a box of 15. The best before date was 27th of February, but I don't worry about things like that I have never made any one ill by eating best before or out of date food, I go by if it looks good and smells ok then it is.

We still have some fresh bits and pieces in the fridge which we bought a few days ago at the end of February, so I had a look and decided it had to be quiche for tea.

I didn't make my own pastry I bought four of the above packs of pastry mix some time ago  4 for £1 from approved foods. I like to bake and cook , but making pastry is not my thing, I just don't like doing it, I usually buy ready made when it is reduced and pop it in the freezer, we don't actually eat much pastry.

There were a few fries left in the freezer so I cooked them up the same time, and there was some salad which needed using up as well.

The little bit of pastry left made a few lemon curd tarts.

Today is a no spend day.

March spend so far £2.11